CoViD-19 Impact Lab

CoViD-19 Impact Lab

CoViD-19 and what it means for us personally, our loved ones, the economy, and society in general is on everyone’s mind. To assess how CoViD-19 is impacting individuals, households, and communities, it is important to know what the population as a whole knows, believes, and how people behave in response to the current pandemic. In order to gain insights, we are running multiple surveys, thereby facilitating near-real-time monitoring of how people respond to the CoViD-19 crisis and the implemented countermeasures to the pandemic. At short notice, we aim to generate helpful insights from contemporaneous data and communicate them to decision-makers and the public. In the medium run, we will provide further in-depth analyses. Our first paper reveals that low-income earners suffer most from the crisis while high-paid workers benefit from the home office option. For further details explore our data. Current and future work will be featured under Publications.

Note: We are currently looking for Dutch native speakers to make our interactive data exploration tool accessible to a Dutch audience. If you are interested, please check out or call for Dutch Translators for more information!

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